Design it for students because we should not have to accept incomprehensible terms of service for platforms that we need to use for class at the expense of our own privacy.

- Aliza

Design the internet so I can choose how I want to use it instead of being manipulated!

- Ryan

Design it for us!

- Riley

Design it for me and my friends.

- Alexis

Design it for teens.

- Edward

Design it for my siblings.

- Emily

Design it for us.

- Sonia

Design it for us.

- Tiffany

These apps aren’t designed with my safety — or your kids’ safety. Instead, they actively exploit our vulnerabilities to get us hooked, and in the process make billions in profits.

- Kelsey

Design it for us. Social media is a huge platform for many to get influenced in an unhealthy way, I want to see us thrive with less worry.

- Adamari

Create it for teenagers because the internet isn't a safe place for us, causing addiction and being exposed to damaging content that shouldn't have been seen or posted.

- Aileth

Design it for my siblings. The online world can be a dangerous and harmful place for youth.

- Nancy

Design it for my siblings.

- Kenya

Design it for young adults.

- Emi

Design it for young adults.

- Yasemin

Design it for my brother.

- Eden

Design these platforms for growing minds. Growing up on social media, I didn’t realize that these platforms were psychologically designed to be addictive.

- Yoelle

Design it for us. A lot of people in my generation have felt the negative consequences of being in unregulated online spaces, and we’re tired of it. We want protection, so start designing it for us.

- Emma

Design it for us so we can have a safer online experience.

- Luz
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