Nevada Age Appropriate Design Code

Introduced by Nevada State Senator Edgar Flores and Nevada Assemblywoman Jill Dickman, the bipartisan Nevada Age Appropriate Design Code Act (AADC) is a privacy framework that brings a product safety approach to the internet ensuring that, like cribs and seatbelts, the online products our children and teens use every day are safe by design.

Inspired by successful AADC legislation in the United Kingdom and California, the Nevada AADC is a chance for Nevada to lead the nation in protecting kids online by design and by default. The AADC would require online platforms likely accessed by kids under the age of 18 in Nevada to meet key design standards to protect their safety and privacy including:

  • Requiring online platforms that children can access to be designed by default for their protection.
  • Maintaining a high level of privacy settings by default.
  • Providing easily accessible reporting tools for privacy and inappropriate behavior concerns.
  • Prohibiting covered platforms from collecting and retaining any personal information for users under age 18 that is unnecessary for the provided service.
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